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June 12, 2012

The car of March: SSC Tuatara

1350 horsepower. 442 km/hour. Is the fight for the fastest car of the world really a pointless testoterone tour? It might be, but it’s a fantastic feeling!

June 12, 2012

World day of water 2012

Exceptionally, instead of expensive whisky and quality wine, we’d like to encourage you to drink a bit of water. Naturally, being a mature man, mainly the girls with wet shirt come to your mind. But we have a thousand and one reasons to draw your attention to the importance of water this time. First of all because on the 22 March it is the world day of water, and without water there’s no life and no girls.

June 11, 2012

She is an escort

Nowadays you can order basicly anything to your place. Pizza, drink, alcohol, luxury girl, who fullfills all your desires. You can check some of the webpages, but it’s enough looking around in some of the elite VIP sectors of Budapest. You think that most of them are Playmates or pornstars, but we digged a bit deeper, because the one who says that only these kinds of girls fill in the mentioned webpages, lies. We were curious how Hungary turned to be derrepently the home of escort girls, when before it used to be considered the country of the prettiest women. Obviously they undertook only without name and face, but we asked some of the girls for you, how they landed in the circulation of the escort world.


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We talked with Sirkán Ricsi about the airsoft, we drunk a cup of coffee with Lilla and met with Hideghéti Judit on the racing stage. You found the top 10 bike in the magazine and some healthy recipes.
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